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Year 2 draw and paint beautiful elephants

Year 2 draw and paint beautiful elephants

In English this week, Year 2 have been adding more to their wonderful booklets about India, this week concentrating on climate. They are being very careful to use the present tense and to think of ways in which to catch the readers’ attention. They have learnt how a glossary is useful to the reader and put together one all to do with weather, taking great care to order words alphabetically.

The children are proving to be very observant when looking at maps and atlases, and then transferring information onto their own maps. They located New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai and showed how they lie in different climate zones by using a key.

They enjoyed finding out how warm it is over there at the moment in comparison to Great Missenden!

In Art, the children drew and painted beautiful elephants ready to celebrate the Elephant Festival in Jaipur. The Elephant Festival begins with a beautiful procession on the eve of Holi. The Mahouts, who are known as the caretakers of the elephants, decorate the foreheads of the animals with head-plates as well as garnish their tusks with gold, silver bracelets and rings. The children were very proud of how vibrant and striking their elephants have turned out.

Next week, we are off to the Mandir in Neasden, which we are all really looking forward to. Please may we remind you to look in the reading record books to see what is needed for this trip.

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