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Year 2 enjoy being detectives

Year 2 enjoy being detectives

In Science this week Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed being detectives. They have looked closely at a variety of different seeds and using magnifying glasses they have created detailed descriptions of seeds for their classmates to identify.

There has been a real sense of excitement that began on Monday, when Kitty’s runner bean began to crack open and produce a radicle; many more beans have now produced radicles too and we cannot wait to watch them grow. We have noticed that the runner beans have germinated quicker than the broad beans; we wonder whether the broad beans will catch up.

In Forest School, we have continued planting. This week we planted radish seedlings and seeds. We discussed what they need in order to grow into healthy and strong plants.

The children will have brought home three mini ‘eco’ pots with three different types of seeds that they planted on Thursday. Please could you help your child to take responsibility for the care of these and once they have become seedlings, the ‘eco’ pots will be able to be planted straight into a larger pot. Happy growing!

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