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Year 2 enjoy a fantastic trip to Mop End

Year 2 enjoy a fantastic trip to Mop End

Year 2 had a fantastic trip on Thursday to Mop End environmental centre. We started off the morning with Barnaby Bear deciding what clothes and other essentials he would need on a trip through the forest. We used a map to identify places that Barnaby wanted to visit and planned a route around the woods with our group. We learnt how to find North on a compass and set off around the forest, following our map. On the way, we looked around the forest to find signs of the season we are in, searched for bugs and found out why some trees needed to be cut down. We had a magical two minutes of silence while we used our senses and drew pictures or wrote down what we could see, hear and feel in the woods. Then, at the artist station, we collected different coloured leaves to stick to our own tree and make a mini collage.

In the afternoon, we all took our assorted teddy bears on a trip into the woods to build a shelter. We decided that they would need to be warm and dry and worked as teams to use sticks, leaves and moss to build some very creative shelters that our bears could all fit in. Some had their own outdoor pool, slide and lookout tower! Quote of the day: ”Let me carry that stick for you Mrs Helliwell because I am much stronger than you!”

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