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Year 2 enjoy science and forest school

Year 2 enjoy science and forest school

We have had another week filled with fun in Year 2 and we particularly enjoyed ourselves in Science and Forest school.
In science we have been learning about the properties of different materials and this week we carried out our own fair test. Mrs Applegate needed to mend a pair of trousers that had a hole in and wanted us to find out which fabric would be best for the job. We thought it would need to be strong and thought of lots of ways we could test this. Someone thought that their trousers normally got holes when they skidded along the ground so we decided that rubbing the fabric with stone would be a good test. Luckily, we managed to solve Mrs Applegate’s problem and found out the tweed worked best.
In Forest school we made a snail shape out of sticks and went on a scavenger hunt to find different materials to fill our snail’s shell. We sorted leaves, sticks, stones and feathers to create a fantastic pattern.

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