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Year 2 enjoy a trip to the Mandir

Year 2 enjoy a trip to the Mandir

This week in Year 2 we have had a fantastic and interesting trip to the Mandir. We have continued to learn about India and in RE we found out that most people in India are Hindu.The Mandir is a beautiful temple made of white marble and covered in intricate carvings. There were lots of ‘wows’ as we drove up and spotted the temple with its huge domes on the outside which represent the Himalayan mountains, where the gods live. Inside the temple it was very peaceful and calm and the statues of the gods were beautifully dressed in colourful clothes. We were excited to find the murti of Ganesh, the elephant headed god and the children listened really carefully to the music in the Aarti ceremony.

To support your child’s learning at home, you could find out about one of the gods by searching the internet and finding out a few facts about them.

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