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Year 2 enjoy visits to Roald Dahl Gallery and Aylesbury Museum

Year 2 enjoy visits to Roald Dahl Gallery and Aylesbury Museum

Year 2 had a splendiferous time at the Roald Dahl Gallery and Aylesbury Museum on Thursday this week. The focus of the children’s learning was to learn more about Roald Dahl and his superb stories, as well as developing their knowledge about the local area.
In the morning, we visited the Roald Dahl Gallery and spent time exploring some of our favourite Roald Dahl stories. We crawled through Mr Fox’s tunnel, played the BFG’s giant pipe organ and watched Augustus Gloop get sucked up the chocolate pipe with some fantastic acting and sound effects from the children. The highlight was watching ourselves getting shrunk by the shrinking machine from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There were screams of laughter as some of the children were eaten by the enormous crocodile!
After lunch it was time to explore Aylesbury Museum. We were set the challenge of creating a bright and inspiring blanket for Charlie’s bedridden grandparents, so they could see the wonders of Buckinghamshire. We searched the museum to find out about objects made of different materials, prehistoric animals that roamed these lands, as well as artifacts that had been found in the area. The children loved handling all the wooden objects and searching for information. We were shocked to find out that there was clay in our toothpaste!

At home, to support your child’s learning at home, you may wish to share your favourite Roald Dahl book or one of his revolting rhymes.

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