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Year 2 excited by the unveiling of this year's Take One Picture

Year 2 excited by the unveiling of this year's Take One Picture

Finally the day the children (and staff!) have been waiting for...the unveiling of this years’ Take One Picture has arrived!

On Tuesday, everyone was introduced to the picture. At exactly 8.30 am the whole school logged on to watch the reveal. Little by little the ‘Battle of San Romano’ by Uccello was shown to the children. The picture was chosen to encourage ideas that they could develop and display in the school’s Take One Picture Exhibition. The first step was for the staff to record the aspects they showed a particular interest in. Year two watched how the small details fitted together to form a picture but without any background information. Eventually the whole picture was revealed and the teachers’ recorded the children’s reactions.

The areas that they wanted to investigate were imaginative and gave the children the opportunity to question what they were looking at. We were impressed by their descriptions and use of adjectives.

For example, who was fighting and why? Why was the floor of the battle bubblegum pink?

Where had the battle taken placed and how long ago was it? Were those soldiers running away or towards the battleground?

Could they find all the answers in the picture or would we have to investigate further?

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