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Year 2 explore circuits using Makey Makey

Year 2 explore circuits using Makey Makey

In ICT this week, the children had a great time continuing to explore circuits using Makey Makey. Having discovered with excitement in the previous lesson that by holding hands we could send an electrical current around the whole class to make the drum sound, this week there was much amusement using bananas to play the piano!

The children had to connect up the wires to the circuit board and then insert the other ends into the banana. It was then possible to play the bananas like the keys of a keyboard – but only if you were the one holding the earth wire as we soon found out.

The children had a great time reorganising the ‘banana keys’ so that the notes were in the correct order and some of them even had a go at composing their own tunes.

On Friday we had the opportunity to share all that we have learnt about India with our parents in our Celebration assembly, including our Indian-inspired dancing and a traditional Indian song.

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