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Year 2 explore different science materials

Year 2 explore different science materials

It has been fantastic to see all of the children coming into school with a smile on their face this week. This week we have started our science topic of Materials. We began with some mystery objects in a bag which we had to describe. The children had to use lots of scientific words to describe the object such as hard, smooth, heavy, transparent, flexible and rigid. We found lots of things made from wood, plastic, metal, glass and fabric and are looking forward to carrying out some investigations using materials.

We also began our English topic by reading The Minpins by Roald Dahl. In Drama we worked in groups to freeze frame part of the story where Little Billy went into the forest when his mother had told him to stay at home. The children used some wonderful expressions to show us how Little Billy might be feeling. We also wrote a description of the forest using interesting adjectives and verbs to describe the setting. We can’t wait to find out how Little Billy defeats the Gruncher and saves the Minpins!

To support your child’s learning at home, you may wish to look for some materials around the house and discuss why they have been used to make certain objects.

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