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Year 2 explore the lifecycle of a bean

Year 2 explore the lifecycle of a bean

Year 2 have had another exciting week and have worked very hard finding out more about a bean lifecycle to make their own 3D diagram and solving some challenging Maths problems.

The children really enjoyed having the chance to work with Year 6 in their Maths problem solving morning. They worked in pairs, with a member of Year 6 to guide them, in order to solve a range of different problems. Some of the problems involved number while others involved shape and all of the problems needed some trial and error. They had lots of fun working cooperatively together. Sam, James, Marlon, Coral and Olivia said that their favourite problem was where they had to use 2D shapes to complete a picture of a plane or a candle. They had to turn the shapes and move them around in order to get them to fit exactly. Serena and Rose preferred the number puzzles where they had to place numbers on a triangle so they added up to specific amounts while Evan and Cally enjoyed arranging dominoes to complete a grid so that the spots fitted a pattern. We all learnt that we had to persevere and try out different ideas to solve the problem.

Next week we are creating our own sea creatures and writing a report to tell people where they live, what they eat and what they look like. The children might like to find out an interesting fact about their favourite sea creature to share with the class.

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