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Year 2 explore weights, measures and capacity

Year 2 explore weights, measures and capacity

This week in Year 2 we have started to look at measuring in our maths lessons, some of us started of weighing shoes on balance scales and some of us started of by exploring capacity.

We started our capacity topic with a challenge: Using one piece of A4 paper, make the biggest container possible. The children were given a piece of A4 paper in pairs and asked to make a container using only one piece of paper. They were allowed to roll, fold, cut and stick their piece of paper to make their container. When we had made our masterpieces, we all made a prediction to say which container we thought would hold the most using mathematical language such as deep, wide, long and thin. Everyone had very different ideas about which would hold the most. Then we filled our containers to the top with lentils and measured the volume using measuring cylinders. Some were so successful we had to get more lentils! Our best effort held 1170ml of lentils - can you beat this?

To support your child’s learning at home, you may wish to weigh and measure things around the home. Following a recipe and measuring ingredients carefully is a fun way to do this at home.

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