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Year 2 - Exploring ethics and morals

Year 2 - Exploring ethics and morals

As part of this term’s study of India the children have thrown themselves into researching Gandhi. They were fascinated to learn about the ways that he stood up for what he believed was right. It was very interesting to discover how he found peaceful ways of trying to change what he thought was wrong such as the British laws about buying salt in India. It sparked some very important moral and ethical conversations about what is right and wrong and why people behave in certain ways and what we should do about it. The children then became authors using their knowledge of the features of non-fiction texts to produce their own booklets about Gandhi complete with a title, contents page, glossary and well organised facts about this peaceful leader.

The children were also challenged to use their cutting and folding skills when following some rather precise and complicated instructions to create their own Sari out of tissue paper. The end results were beautiful. Some of the children were amazed to consider that many Indian women put on a sari every day. Quite a contrast to simply zipping up a skirt!

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