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Year 2 finish working with the Minpins

Year 2 finish working with the Minpins

As our work on the Minpins came to an end this week we attempted to solve a problem for our hero ‘Little Billy’ when we discovered that he had put a hole in his trousers during his adventures and needed to patch it up.

We all had to begin to think like scientists to design our own experiment to test which of four fabrics would be the most hard wearing and therefore the best choice for the patch.

We considered tugging the fabrics or scratching them with sticks before eventually deciding upon rubbing them with a brick until a hole was made. Once a method had been agreed we then had to start to understand that the word ‘fair’ can mean something quite different in scientific terms. We could only change the fabric being tested and everything else needed to stay the same meaning the same person in each group needed to rub each of the fabric samples. A fact which seemed anything but ‘fair’ to some!

However in the interest of science we all worked well in our groups to produce some very reliable results and discovered that we had accurately predicted the least hard wearing fabric but not the most.

In forest school we said goodbye to the Minpins, who are now able to come out of the tree tops, by making homes for them on the ground.

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