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Year 2 focus on the birds in TOP

Year 2 focus on the birds in TOP

This week for Take One Picture we have chosen to focus on birds. Linking the exotic bird in the painting with our ongoing topic on India, we researched Parakeets to compile a fact file. We then used the Gond painting technique from India to make our own brightly coloured Parakeets.

On Wednesday we spent the day being Scientists to find out more about air. The children got the chance to make helicopters and change the propellers and add weights to see what impact this had on their movement through the air. They made birds and used air to force them into flight. They also used their own breath to move paint and experimented with balloons. 2KBr were unanimous in saying it was the best day ever!

In Forest School the investigation of air continued with the children being set the task of working in groups to make something that could fly from a selection of materials. The results were most impressive.

In Maths we have been looking at multiplication and the children have also done an investigation to see how many different ways they can sort a given number of eggs into baskets.
Thank you so much for all the wonderful videos, the children clearly worked hard and we thoroughly enjoyed watching every one!

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