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Year 2 focus on 'Healthy Living'

Year 2 focus on 'Healthy Living'

It was lovely to welcome back all the smiley faces of Year 2 last week after their wonderful holidays. We have been regaled with many stories and shown exhibits as well. A great start to what will be another busy and fun-filled term!

In Science, we are continuing our studies about ‘Healthy Living’ and looking at how we can help ourselves keep healthy. Having considered our diets and what types of food are necessary to keep us well, we are now concentrating on ‘exercise’ - an area which many of the year group love! We brainstormed all the different physical activities one could partake in and what wide and varied suggestions we had. Everyone enjoyed some form of exercise. We looked at the effects exercise has on our bodies and found that actually star jumps and burpees, although easy to start with, are pretty exhausting after a minute! Lottie said she felt out of breath and Jack said that he felt like his heart was pumping more! Why is exercise good for us? (one puffed comment!) and that is an excellent question to consider next week.

In Forest School, we visited many different habitats in the farmer’s field, looking to see what lives there. We found millipedes, worms, spiders, ants, different fungi, centipedes, slug, rabbits and… a NEWT! Wow, that was so exciting! What a great afternoon we all had.

On a completely different note, something to consider with your child this weekend - Do books need words? How can we read them if there aren’t any words?

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