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Year 2 Forces and Movement

Year 2 Forces and Movement

In science this week we have concluded our Forces and Movement topic with a fun investigation. The children were looking at the effects that gravity and friction have on the distance a car will travel over different surfaces. The children had to plan the investigation first, then we discussed in detail the elements of making it a fair test. The children came up with some very interesting ideas on how they thought we could keep the investigation fair; the children made predictions and gave some well thought out reasons as to why. There was great excitement when we finally got to carry out the practical activity. Which surface would be best? Which would be worst? Who made a perfect prediction? 2NM and 2EDS investigated different materials, so you will have to ask your children which was best.

Next week

After half term we will be starting a new science topic which is Health and Growth. For this it would be a great help if your child could please bring in a picture of themselves as a baby and a toddler. We will also be looking at safety with medicine and would be keen to receive any empty medicine packets (not bottles) to show examples of those used by the children at home.

At home

Over the holidays you might like to ask the children to draw a picture of themselves completing an activity. They could then label this drawing with the forces they used to complete the activity and also any other acting forces, for example; gravity, wind, water.

Also in preparation for next half term, could we ask that the children please bring in either a 50cl or 75cl plastic bottle of any colour.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you very happy holidays and look forward to seeing you all back and refreshed on the 24th February!

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