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Year 2 have fun with fractions

Year 2 have fun with fractions

This week, in Maths, Year 2 have had fun thinking about fractions. They have realised that there isn’t such a thing as a bigger half and, by folding, cutting and colouring shapes they recognise different fractions. They also ordered some simple fractions in size. By using biscuits or pancakes the children were introduced to mixed numbers, and, by using this knowledge, they found half of an odd number.

In English, the children were introduced to Little Red - a fairy tale based on Little Red Riding Hood. They looked for similarities and differences between the two tales before starting to think about their own versions of this story. Some intriguing ideas were thought of, including the wolf being a taxi driver and Grandma being a go-kart specialist!

Another spot of excitement came when, in PE, the children went onto the climbing wall. They learnt how to traverse along the wall using the different coloured grips and have set themselves targets to challenge themselves and so proceed to the next level. Their simian skills are advancing well!

At home this week, it would be really helpful to reiterate some of the fraction work we have been doing by discussing fractions when cutting up fruit, pizza etc.

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