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Year 2 have fun using Makey Makey in ICT

Year 2 have fun using Makey Makey in ICT

This week Year 2 have really enjoyed using the Makey Makey in ICT to find out more about circuits and how computers work.

We started by working together to create a circuit with crocodile clips and the Makey Makey circuit board. We found out that we had to have an earth wire in our circuit and we held that and another wire to complete our circuit. We then held hands and high fived each other to create a circuit and play a drum on the chrome book.The children learnt that electricity could flow through us to complete the circuit. We then created our own banana bongos by attaching bananas to our wires so we could tap the banana and play our bongo drums. We are looking forward to testing lots of different fruit next week to see if we can create a fruit piano!

The children are really looking forward to showing you all their hard work in the Take One Picture exhibition tomorrow.

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