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Year 2 get their hands on MakeyMakey technology

Year 2 get their hands on MakeyMakey technology

What a cheerfully sunny week it’s been to kick start the second half of our spring term! In class this week, children have delighted us with their continued enthusiasm for our take one picture piece ‘Men of the Dock ’ by The American realist artist George Bellows. This week we have got creative using our understanding of similes and adventurous adjectives to imagine what it would be like to be a workhorse in 1912. We wrote our own poems, comparing our horse-like qualities to a range of interesting ideas and presented these inside our own horseshoe. We are excited for you to see all of our hard work on display at the exhibition next week!

In Science this half term, we will consider what things we need to stay happy and healthy as a baby and how these change as we become bigger and eventually adults. This week, children considered a range of items that they had to decide if they were really ‘needs’ or ‘wants’. It sparked lots of discussion, including whether a teddy bear was a ‘need’ or a ‘want’ and for some children, whether a computer game was really a ‘needed’ item, with some compelling arguments!

In ICT this week, children got hands on with MakeyMakey technology, using their own bodies to complete a circuit and input information into a computer. When the children all joined hands, they were able to carry the electricity signal to make the bongo’s tap out a beat on the computer screen. Next week, with a little more practice, we are anticipating a ‘guess the song’ quiz!

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