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Year 2 go for a swim in their pyjamas!

Year 2 go for a swim in their pyjamas!

On Monday the children had the opportunity to learn some essential life skills when they took their pyjamas for a swim! Although great fun there is a very important message to this session.

Before entering the water lifesaving skills were discussed using the acronym SAFE.

S - Spot the dangers. Is it cold, deep, dirty, slippery, hidden danger, currents etc.

A - Take advice. Look out for special signs or notices warning of danger.

F - Friends and family. You should never be around water on your own.

E - Emergency. What to do if you are in danger or if you find someone in danger.

The children impressed us with their knowledge of beach flags.

Red and Yellow - Lifeguards are on patrol.

Red- Danger don’t go into the water.

Black and White - There are surfers etc. in the water so it’s not safe to swim. - Ellie.

Don’t swim alone and even around a paddling pool or Hot tub an adult should know where you are and what you are doing. If the water is the same depth or deeper than the distance from your nose to your mouth that could be a risk. - Tushaan.

If you fall in you should just float - Jamie.

You should not jump in or there will be two people in trouble, you should find something for them to grab hold of and get help - Oscar.

Then all the children demonstrated they would have no trouble shouting for help and all know to call 999 in an emergency.

Then it was in to the water to practice floating on their backs and walking/swimming through the water with the extra weight of clothing.

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