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Year 2 have an action packed week

Year 2 have an action packed week

Year 2 have had a truly action packed week! For weeks we have been nurturing a group of tiny caterpillars. We have watched them gobble up as much food as they can and marvelled at the shedding of each skin. We have done daily inspections of the resulting chrysalis waiting expectantly for the butterflies to emerge. So you can imagine the excitement when on Monday morning the children were greeted by not 1 but 4 beautiful butterflies in each class! We wasted no time in providing them with a ‘fruit salad’ to feast on as we thought they would be very hungry after their time in the chrysalis. After spending the day studying and enjoying the butterflies in class we took them down to the field and watched as they flew off to find nectar to eat.

On Friday afternoon it was finally show time! After weeks of diligently learning lines and countless rehearsals the children were all in fine voice and raring to go. The costumes were nothing short of spectacular and the children excelled themselves with an incredible performance! Bravo Year 2 we are very proud of you!

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