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Year 2 - Imaginative settings and seed dispersal

Year 2 - Imaginative settings and seed dispersal

This week the children have been given a challenge - to imagine and describe a setting of an underwater playground, ‘where young, silent sea creatures play (Max). The children took their inspiration from the book ‘Flotsam’ and who would believe how many different rides could be made from ocean features?! We had a clam shaped swing (Jayden), a rainbow magical helter-skelter made of coral (Matilda), a climbing wall covered in shells (Nell), a spiky pufferfish slide which the baby creatures had to be very careful when on (Harriet) and a huge water slide made from an electric eel which made their scales stand up straight (Henry). It was a real pleasure reading the children’s imaginative settings.

In Art, the children drew shells using watercolour pencils, thinking about texture and tone and correctly representing the shape and colours accurately. They then practised their peer assessment skills, sharing what they thought had been done well and suggesting what could be improved.

We were flying in Science this week! The children thought about how seeds are moved around and considered how some seeds are sticky or prickly and get caught on the fur of animals, how some are in juicy fruits which are eaten by birds and then deposited in other places in the birds’ poo and how some seeds can fly, like the dandelion clocks which we all know. The children made ‘helicopters’ out of post-its and paper clips to represent the seeds and were amazed and delighted how the post-it spun round when tossed into the air! They were then challenged to see if the position of the paper clip or number of paper clips made a difference to the flight of the ‘helicopter’.

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