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Year 2 - Independent research

Year 2 - Independent research

This week the children have been pulling together all of the skills they have been developing over the past few weeks in English to produce the final page of their India booklets. They were encouraged to work independently to research an Indian animal of their own choosing and then write a page about it.

They first made careful notes on their animal in a style of their choosing and came up with appropriate subheadings to organise their information. Then they were challenged to include as many features of nonfiction texts as they could in their page. We were delighted to see them using the full range of features we have covered during their home learning experience. We had snappy headings such as ‘Beautiful but big birds’ for a page about Peacocks and a range of thoughtful subheadings to structure the text. There were interesting introductory sentences to hook the reader for example ‘Did you know a cobra can kill an elephant with one bite?’ and ‘A King Cobra is a super super DEADLY animal!!! It is a snake. A King Cobra's venom can KILL 20 PEOPLE!!!!!!.’ Keywords were written in bold ‘nonvenomous’, ‘shy’, ‘danger’, ‘hang’ and many more and all this was topped off with some stunning diagrams and illustrations all with accompanying labels and captions. We could not be more proud of the independence shown this week, how well the children demonstrated their understanding of this genre and the depth of their learning during lockdown.

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