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Year 2 learn about capacity and weight in Maths

Year 2 learn about capacity and weight in Maths

This week in Year 2 we have been learning more about capacity and weight in our Maths lessons with lots of practical activities.

We started off the week with a Maths challenge. We gave the children one piece of A4 card and asked them to make a container and asked them to make the biggest container possible. We had a look at a variety of containers, looked carefully at their shape and tried to estimate which would hold the most with a lot of debate about whether a long tall container, or a short but wide container would hold the most. The children then made their own containers and we measured the capacity using lentils and a measuring cylinder. We found out that a short, wide container held the most this time, with it having a capacity over a litre!

At home it would be good for the children to put their new skills to use, maybe with some cooking or getting outside with a variety of household objects to measure the capacity in millilitres and litres and the weight in grams and kilograms.

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