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Year 2 learn about Georgian England

Year 2 learn about Georgian England

It’s Take One Picture week and Year 2 have been fascinated by all they are learning about Georgian England. They particularly enjoyed looking at Georgian clothes and trying on an outfit, noting how much easier it was to run around in their own clothes. They have dressed in their own smart clothes and their teachers have taken photos ‘then’ and ‘now’. It was amazing to discover that many of the games the Georgian children played are still played today. Yoyos, diablos, cup and ball, spinning tops, spillikins, chess, hoops and skipping ropes to name but a few. Jacob’s ladder entranced many of them as they tried to discover how it actually worked.

The children, having seen the clothes and played some of the games, then wrote a diary page imagining that they were one of the children from the Graham family. Some lovely expressions were used: ‘ate a splendid breakfast’, ‘after my Latin lesson with my tutor, I went outside to amuse my brother’, ‘honeycakes and gingerbread were enjoyed by all’, ‘Nanny called us in for it was getting dark’, ‘I went downstairs for breakfast after curtseying to Mother’ and ‘I awoke when Nanny opened the curtains and she helped me dress’.

In Maths, the children compiled a timeline to find out how long ago the Georgians were alive and they placed events chronologically onto a timeline. The children have also been learning to tell the time (analogue and digitally) this week.

Tea became an important event for rich families during Georgian times and this linked in very well with the children’s studies on India. The children looked at different teas and realised that not all tea are the same. They found out how tea needs to be dried and checked before it is put into tea bags. They will be drying leaves themselves next week and tasting some different blends - I wonder which they will enjoy!

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