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Year 2 learn how to stay healthy

Year 2 learn how to stay healthy

Year 2 this week have been learning about how to stay healthy in science. We began by looking at different ways to sort food into groups. We were able to see which foods were carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vegetables and fruit. Then moved on to looking at which foods we thought were good for us and those that we shouldn’t eat too often. We all noticed that we are having healthy lunches at school, especially when we add salad to our plates.

In English we have been developing our descriptive writing and how we can include more detail and stronger adjectives to our sentences. We have been using comparative adjectives to compare two nouns, as well as superlative adjectives. It has been lovely to see the variety of adjectives we have been able to use when writing our very own fairy tale stories with a twist.

During Maths this week we have been learning to work out doubles and halves of numbers using mental strategies. An online game called ‘Hit the button’ was thoroughly enjoyed by all, as we had to use our quick mental calculations to find the correct answer before the timer ran out. Along with this, we learnt how to double and halve 2 digit numbers by partitioning the numbers into tens and units.

To support your child’s learning this week, we would like you to discuss the different types of foods they are eating at home, so then in class, we can discuss the types of food and meals they eat.

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