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Year 2 learn about keeping healthy

Year 2 learn about keeping healthy

This week in Year 2 we have been working hard in Science to find out more about keeping ourselves healthy. This week we have focused on how we keep clean and decided that we needed to wash our hands, bodies, clean our teeth, brush our hair and even wear clean underwear daily!

We talked about why it was important to wash our hands and some children demonstrated how they washed their hands. We then decided to do an experiment to test how well we had really cleaned our hands. We sprinkled germs (glitter!) on our hands and then washed them again until we had got rid of all of the germs. We were surprised to find that we had to wash our hands for a lot longer than we thought and had to do a lot more scrubbing with soap!

Next week we are going to be looking at some fractions in maths so to support your child's learning at home, you could ask them to cut fruit or sandwiches into halves, quarters or thirds.

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