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Year 2 learn about Plants and Animals

Year 2 learn about Plants and Animals

This week in science we started to look at our topic on Plants and Animals. Our first lesson involved identifying ‘living, once living and non-living’ things. To be able to do this we had to define what it was that made something ‘living’. Interesting discussions resulted in a list of factors that meant something was living such as: it breathes, it needs nourishment, it grows, it excretes, it produces young. In the school grounds we then found things that fitted in each category. Living proved to be the easiest ones to name - tree, grass, bee, bird and themselves of course. Non-living and once living needed further discussion but then the children enjoyed pointing out benches, wood around flower beds and paper as once living as they came from trees. Non-living things were glass windows, patio slabs and metal bars.

Next week we will be looking at plants, how they grow and what they need to grow well. We will be planting seeds to observe in the classroom. We will look at what they need in the way of water and light also what the roots look like as we don’t usually get to see them when they are hidden in the soil.

At home

In maths this week the children have been working really hard on learning some of their times tables. We have looked at the 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and are beginning to look at the 3’s. They could consolidate some of this learning at home.


As we have been looking at times tables this week, the children’s homework is all about multiplications. The children should use their knowledge of multiplications to solve the word problems or break down the arrays into repeated addition and multiplication sums.

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