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Year 2 learn about Victorian Seaside Holidays

Year 2 learn about Victorian Seaside Holidays

victorian_bathing_machines_960x540This Week

In topic this week the children have been looking at Victorian seaside holidays and what a Victorian person would pack in their suitcase to take with them. The children were amazed to see what Victorians wore to the beach and hear that the seaside was visited for health reasons, rather than going just for fun! In addition to this the children got to explore some real Victorian artefacts in their Library session with Mrs Goodchild.

Next Week

Continuing with our plants and animals science topic, next week the children will be growing seeds and we will be growing a class bulb. This is reinforcing and building on work which they have already met in Year 1. The children will be looking in more detail at what plants need to grow and why it is so important.

At Home

In maths we have been working on digital time, with particular focus on quarter past and quarter too. This has proved to be quite a tricky concept. Understanding that 5:45 is quarter to 6 and not quarter to 5 has been one area in particular that has proved difficult. We have been using the phrase “quarter to the new.” Meaning, it’s quarter to the new hour, not the hour shown. Any time related activities that you could do at home to reinforce this tricky concept would be of great use.


As the children have been working on time again this week their homework is related to this. The children should read the digital or analogue time on a clock and write its equivalent on the empty digital or analogue one next to it. Please take care to ensure that there is a difference in the length of the hour and minute hands. Also encourage your child to place the hour hand in the most accurate position possible between the two hours.

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