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Year 2 let their imaginations flow

Year 2 let their imaginations flow

The Gruncher is at large! This week, Year 2 (and Billy!) have ventured into the Forest of Sin and suddenly an enormous billowing cloud of smoke appeared through the trees . . . the Gruncher! And what a scary creature it is. The children have been using their imagination and descriptive skills to write a ‘WANTED’ poster. We have been so impressed at how the children are trying to think of appropriate adjectives and similes to describe it. “His eyes are red and wicked” (George) “He blows red hot slime out of his enormous nostrils” (Kimaya) “He has deadly sharp teeth, more pointed than a javelin” (Rufus) “He has hairy pitch black legs” (Jared) and he was last seen “when little Minpins got a glance of his huge paw.” (Elsa)

Did you know that a phizzrop is a loud buzz? And if you are being grumpgung you are being silly? The children have been making up wonderful gobblefunk words - just like Roald Dahl did in The BFG. Great excitement abounded when they thought of a really whipple scrumptious word!

It hasn’t all been Roald Dahl though. In Maths, the children have looked at their number bonds to 10 and using inverse operations to solve missing numbers They have also applied them to multiples of 10 and 5 when making 100. This afternoon, in Forest School, the children looked at the different trees at the bottom of the field and noticed that they have differing barks. By taking rubbings of the bark, they will be able to start identifying the trees next week.

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