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Year 2 make delicious chocolate crispies

Year 2 make delicious chocolate crispies

In English this week, Year 2 have been busy continuing giving instructions and realising how necessary it is to be precise. To start the week, the children made delicious chocolate crispies after ordering the instructions correctly. Our classrooms are also now festooned with paper chains having worked out how to make them! Precise language (such as peel, pull and thread) was needed to make sure the strips of paper were put together correctly.

In Maths, the children have looked at multiples of 2, 5, and 10 and have been developing their language and awareness of the patterns in these tables. It has been linked with money as well. They enjoyed sequencing numbers within these tables along a Christmas light string. This is the beginning of times tables and multiplication which we will be developing in greater depth next term.

We would to thank you for all your support in helping us with the children’s Christmas play. They look fit for the stage and know their lines! We wish you a lovely Christmas and look forward to welcoming the children back in the New Year.

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