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Year 2 make octopus puppets

Year 2 make octopus puppets

This week, in English, the children have been following and writing instructions.

We started the lesson by reading through the instructions on “How to make an Octopus Puppet.” The children were instantly very excited and keen to crack straight on. However, they first had to complete a challenge. Using the step by step instructions, the children had to compose their own “I will need” list of items for making the puppet. They then had to show their list to their teacher, who gave them ONLY the items they had listed. Only then could the children start making their puppets. This proved difficult for many as they had missed essential items, such as scissors, glue or even a paper plate off their list. It was then necessary to make an “I will also need” list, in order to claim the missing tools. The children then worked enthusiastically trying to follow the Octopus Puppet instructions. The puppets will be on view in the classroom from next week if you fancy a look.

Through this activity the children have learned the importance of accuracy when reading information.

Next week, in English, we will be researching Roald Dahl and his stories.

At home, perhaps you could share some Roald Dahl stories or poems with your child.

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