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Year 2 - Minibeast adventure

Year 2 - Minibeast adventure

Last Friday, we had our first field trip of the year . . . and we were very excited! Even the pouring rain didn’t dampen our spirits. 9:15am and we were off to Mop End, an outdoor field centre, where the children discovered how different animals have adapted to their habitats so that they can survive. The children’s first activity was pond dipping, but before that, they were challenged to think of creatures that they might find in a pond and also the colours they thought these creatures might be. Then, they were off to the pond! They were advised that the best way to catch little creatures was to move the net in the water in a figure of eight motion and this method certainly seemed to work. The excitement was tangible and the squeals of delight as creatures were found and tipped into their trays certainly confirmed this. Then . . . suddenly . . . there were even louder shouts . . . and two newts were carried back to the tent triumphantly. These were definitely the highlights of the day so far!

After lunch in the yurt, keeping as dry as we could, we ventured out into the woods. Due to the weather, many creatures were not out and about, but, under the logs and stones, there were plenty to discover. Some of the children were braver than others when it came to collecting the creatures but a wealth of minibeasts were found. The children were also surprised at the speed a millipede can move and also how big a woodlouse can grow. The final challenge given to the children was to get together in their groups to form one of the creatures they had found and to move around the circle as it had moved. The children used their ingenuity and created newts, a beetle, a moth and a centipede. It was a brilliant day out, albeit wet, the children were superstars and everyone learnt about different creatures and their habitats.

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