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Year 2 observe how speedy cress can grow

Year 2 observe how speedy cress can grow

This week, children have been practising hard to learn their lines for the end of term production and rehearsals have been in full swing during our drama session at Great Missenden hall.

This week in science, children have been keen to explore what conditions cress will grow best in. Children planted cress in six different materials, including: soil, pebbles, cotton wool, fabric, sand and just water. After making some careful predictions, it was amazing to see just how quickly some of the seeds began to germinate and grow ‘right in front of us’! After half term, the children will continue to build on their knowledge of what seeds need to grow and how this process occurs by keeping their own bean diaries.

In Maths, the children have been learning how to use the expanded method for column addition. We looked at the importance of place value when partitioning and setting out the method correctly. These skills have also been important in helping us to use subtraction and making the link between the two operations. WE then moved on to solving some complex missing number problems. We finished off the week by recapping our times tables, which we encourage children to continue their enthusiasm for over the half term break!

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