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Year 2 - Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Year 2 - Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

In English, the Year 2 classes have been exploring different types of poetry this week. We have been using the 'Talk 4 Writing' model to recite poetry and identify the different features. The children have really enjoyed the poem 'Trudging through the snow' by Moira Andrews. After identifying the recurring language, children enjoyed creating their own shaped poem on footprint templates, which are now displayed in our classes. We have also been looking at the poem 'Busy Beach' by Pie Corbett. The children have been using his example to make changes together, plan and write their own poem. They have all been incredibly determined to use features such as alliteration and similes!

We have been channelling our Seaside topic throughout most of our curriculum this term, and the children have been both fascinated and shocked about how Victorian seaside holidays were so different to what we experience now. The children have enjoyed identifying different seaside towns, designing their own bathing machines, as well as designing a poster to advertise the benefits of travelling by steam train.

In our Maths lessons, Year 2 has been learning about 'Time'. We started the unit learning all about the hour hand and the importance of its position. Year 2 used number cards 1-12 to create their own clock face and to take turns being the teacher when suggesting and making different times. The children have shown such resilience when approaching problem solving in this unit so far and have been able to explore multistep problems and both verbalise and record their mathematical thinking.

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