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Year 2 paint some wonderful sea creatures

Year 2 paint some wonderful sea creatures

This week in Year 2 we have carried on with our seaside topic by inventing our own sea creatures. We have found out a lot about sea creatures, such as the octopus, shark and starfish and used the facts that we have learnt to think about our own sea creature. First we painted our sea creatures and tried to include features of sea creatures that we like, for example some had a hammer head shark head, a crab body and stinging tentacles like a jellyfish. We then decided what our creature might eat and where it would live. Some of our creatures were very rare and only seen at midnight in coral reefs or the Mariana Trench! The children wrote fantastic reports about their creature including lots of technical language and description - we were really proud of their efforts.

Next week we are looking forward to our trip to Mop End for some pond dipping and catching minibeasts in a woodland habitat.

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