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Year 2 - Roald Dahl and magical creatures!

Year 2 - Roald Dahl and magical creatures!

We have been very busy and it has only been 3 weeks into Year 2!

In English we discovered very interesting facts about Roald Dahl. The children were really interested in hearing anecdotes such as Roald Dahl’s love for chocolate bars, and how his mum’s story telling about magical creatures in Norway influenced his work.

We have explored this theme by reading The Minpins. The children have learned to identify key vocabulary in a text and explored how to apply ambitious language choices within their writing. This supported the children to plan and write their own setting descriptions. We dressed up as Minpins to inspire writing our own character descriptions.

For Maths we have been consolidating some Year 1 objectives and will move towards deepening our understanding of number and place value. We started with counting in tens to 100 and learned to use a place value chart to understand what each number represents in 2 digit numbers. From here we are now working on flexible partitioning with numbers up to 100. In their words “partitioning is like different ways of solving a puzzle.”

During Science we have been learning about materials and their properties and why it would not be a good idea to use paper to build a car, or why you should not make a fork out of glass. (Warning! Do not try this at home!!)

In Topic, we have been looking at maps and different landmarks we can use to read them. We have placed both London and Great Missenden on a map of the UK and some children were able to identify different parts of the UK. For our next steps, we will be focusing on Great Missenden and the local area.

We celebrated History Day: we learned about how games were different (or not) back then. We created our own board games and we counted from 2023 all the way back to 1960 using our incredible knowledge in Maths! Curiosity: did you know that in the 60’s the BBC would stop the programs on tv at 6 o’clock? It was the way to send the children to bed!!

We cannot wait to continue sharing our learning with you.

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