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Year 2 settle into their new routines

Year 2 settle into their new routines

What a delight it has been to welcome the children back into the classrooms. Our first full week has flown by and already we are all used to the new routines and the children are applying themselves with great enthusiasm to all aspects of their learning. We have begun our English topic of Roald Dahl by immersing ourselves in his final book the Minpins. The children wrote some wonderful descriptions of what might be lurking in the forest and thought hard about what Little Billy might see, hear, smell and how he might feel as he realised he was not alone!

The children have been showing off their ICT skills with the ipads in ICT in preparation for considering how we can stay safe when using technology.

In Maths we have been doing lots of work on number and place value, thinking about the value of each digit in a 2 digit number and partitioning into tens and ones. We have all agreed that grouping by 10 is a much more efficient way of counting large numbers than counting in 1’s and have been looking for patterns when counting in 5’s and 10’s. In our topic session the children really enjoyed looking in atlases to find the United Kingdom and labeling their own maps with the different countries, capitals and oceans. We discovered it was particularly tricky to be precise when locating the borders between countries and capitals.

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