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Year 2 - Shapes, plants and ‘Flotsam’

Year 2 - Shapes, plants and ‘Flotsam’

It has been a delight to welcome the Year 2 students back after the Easter holidays. They have been full of enthusiasm and energy in all of their lessons this week and seem really happy to be reunited with their friends. We have hit the ground running with our new topics across the curriculum. In English, the week began with the children recounting their Easter holidays. We were impressed by how much detail and description was included in the finished pieces of writing. We then introduced our new book for this half term, called Flotsam. It is all about the exciting treasure that can be found washed up on the shore. Year 2 were brilliant at using their five senses to describe some of the items the protagonist found on the beach. In Science, we introduced our new topic, Plants, and the children investigated the different parts of plants. They worked as a team to create their own plants and then applied their knowledge of plants to label the different parts. Maths has been very hands-on and practical this week, as the children have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. Using shapes and tangible objects to help, Year 2 have been practising naming shapes as well as identifying their properties, such as the number of sides and vertices.

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