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Year 2 - Soaring above India

Year 2 - Soaring above India

It is hard to believe that we have reached our half term holiday already! The last six weeks have flown by and we are so impressed by the resilience, independence and maturity demonstrated by all of the Year 2 children as they have adjusted to remote learning.

This week, we have applied our knowledge of India to writing poetry. Inspired by the poem ‘If I had wings’ by Pie Corbett, Year 2 imagined what it would be like to be a bird soaring above India. The language produced by the children was truly impressive. Annabelle wrote: “If I had wings, I would taste the light candy floss of the clouds.” David wrote: “If I had wings, I would listen to the beeping buses on the dusty road.” Edgar wrote: “If I had wings, I would gaze at the hot deserts and humid and noisy jungles.”

In Maths, we have spent time consolidating all the concepts covered so far in Year 2. We had a lot of fun using our Maths skills in different ways, to investigate numbers and solve tricky problems. A highlight of the week was adding up all of the ages in each family and discovering who has the oldest family!

In Forest School, Year 2 were brilliant plant detectives this week. Despite the frosty weather, they wrapped up warm and went out hunting for different flowers that are just starting to bloom and that are giving us hope that Spring is on its way. They drew lovely sketches of the plants and flowers that they could find. Even with cold fingers, they added some great detail to their illustrations.

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