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Year 2 enjoy their first week back

Year 2 enjoy their first week back

According to all the chat, Year 2 had a lovely half term break! They have enjoyed their first week back and have been very busy. Before half term, they set up investigations with beans and cress seeds. They needed to plan their investigation to answer the questions ‘Does it matter how deep we plant the seeds?’ and ‘Do seeds need soil to grow?’ When they checked the results of their investigations, the children found that it does indeed matter how deep seeds are planted and cress seeds grew best in soil and cotton wool.

In Maths, the children have been learning how to use the expanded method for column addition. We looked at the importance of place value when partitioning and setting out the method. They enjoyed working in pairs, using different coloured pens to represent the 10s and 1s and successfully completing the additions.

Please can you make sure your child has a set of waterproofs in school for the trip to Mop End on Monday? We are all very excited!

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