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Year 2 Sports Afternoon

Year 2 Sports Afternoon

This week

On Tuesday afternoon this week many of you joined us for one of THE top sporting events on the 2015 calendar…..Year 2 Sports Afternoon!! We were very fortunate with the weather and the children limbered up in beautiful sunshine. The children demonstrated some excellent sporting skills in running, balancing a quoit on the racket, a super sack race, a nail-biting obstacle race and finally a rather competitive relay race. All children showed fantastic sportsmanship, cheering for their team mates and congratulating each other on the efforts made. A lovely afternoon was had by all and a huge thank you to the P.E. staff for all their efforts in preparing the children for the day.

Next week

In Topic next week we will be continuing with our Seaside theme by discussing souvenirs. We will be explaining to the children what a souvenir is and why people like to collect them. The children will be shown and told about traditional seaside trinkets which are often kept as souvenirs and we will be looking at postcards past and present.

At home

To feed in to our Topic lesson it would be lovely if on Wednesday 1st July your child could bring in a souvenir from a seaside holiday which they have been on. This could include a shell found on the beach, pebbles, postcards which they may have received from a seaside holiday etc.

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