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Year 2 start to study seeds and germination

Year 2 start to study seeds and germination

It was lovely to welcome back all the smiley faces of Year 2 last week after their wonderful holidays. We have been regaled with many stories and shown exhibits as well. A great start to what will be another busy and fun-filled term!

The children started straight away with science and looking at seeds. We are studying seeds and germination this term and, with tender loving care, by the end of the term we are hoping to make our own soup with some of our own produce. They have planted some bought seedlings - all ready, just in case! and they are keeping their fingers crossed that everything goes to plan! Next week they will be detectives using magnifying glasses, looking at the seeds more closely and giving detailed descriptions of the seeds for others to identify.

How can you read a book which hasn’t any words? That is the challenge the children have considered this week. All depends on expert details in the pictures and expert observational skills from the readers. The children have considered the senses evoked in the first few pages of the book ‘Flotsam’ by David Weisner. They have begun to think what it is like at the seaside and we had great fun making a porthole to show an underwater scene.

To help their observational skills, perhaps you could find everyday objects for your children to describe, using adjectives, similes and alliteration.

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