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Year 2 do a 'stretchy' experiment in science

Year 2 do a 'stretchy' experiment in science

In Science this week we concluded our topic on materials by designing and carrying out an experiment to find the stretchiest pair of tights. Some of us decided to use an apple as a weight to stretch the tights, whilst others placed the tights over a meter ruler and pulled to see how far they would stretch.

We discussed how to ensure a fair test ‘Would it be fair if not everyone had a turn?’ Karam. ‘If the same person pulls the tights each time it would be the same amount of force’ Toby.

In the end the children were able to use their results to identify which pair of tights were the stretchiest and suggest reasons why ‘They had the most elastic in them’ Callum.

We then considered why it is useful for tights to be elasticated.

We wish you a lovely Christmas and look forward to welcoming the children back in the New Year.

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