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Year 2 study a poem by Roald Dahl

Year 2 study a poem by Roald Dahl

This week Year 2 have been studying poetry in English. They have been looking at the rhyme and rhythm in Roald Dahl’s poem from George’s Marvellous Medicine and seeing how they can adopt voices and actions when performing. The children were then challenged to write some lines of their own to go into the poem; they really used their imagination to create their own versions and tried hard, using Thesauruses and rhyming dictionaries, to emulate Roald Dahl, as you can see from some of these excerpts! ‘Give me a small ear from a sheep, And the sound from the creepy deep,’ (Olivia); ‘And a bone of a cat, And the hard bristles of a mat,’ (Alexander P) ‘I’ll bash it up, I’ll whack it down’ A mixture hard, A mixture brown,’ (Remy) ‘Will she poof? Will she care? Will she go flying up, up in the air?’ (Serena).

In Maths, the children have been considering symmetry - how to tell if a shape is symmetrical or not, how to use a mirror to check, and how to complete symmetrical shapes. The children have also sorted shapes according to their properties, including right angles, symmetrical and quadrilaterals, placing them into Venn diagrams. In Forest School, we all went down onto the field and, using different objects found during their scavenger hunt, put the bits together to produce symmetrical patterns.

To help your child recognise symmetry, perhaps you could be on the look-out together and take photos of anything you find which could be used in our display. Also, please remember that the House Poetry competition is coming and your child will be bringing his/her poem home to be learnt.

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