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Year 2 take a trip to Neasden Mandir

Year 2 take a trip to Neasden Mandir

Our topic on India continued with a trip to Neasden Mandir. Having learnt in R.E, that Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world with over 900 million followers, it was a wonderful opportunity to experience first hand some of the customs.

On arriving Jared thought - this is going to be a cool trip and he wasn’t wrong.

We heard how the Mandir had been hand carved in India, from Italian marble, before being shipped to Neasden in numbered pieces to be assembled like a jigsaw puzzle, one which took a team of volunteers 3 years to complete! “It is so big and so white!” remarked Theo.

In the temple itself we were able to spot Ganesh the elephant God with two mice at his feet and Hanuman the monkey God. The temple itself is breathtakingly ornate and Max could not believe how peaceful it was.
We were fortunate enough to be able to witness an Arti ceremony which was Francesca’s favourite part, Lily said she really enjoyed seeing how Hindus actually pray.

Qasim summed up the day brilliantly - I really loved the Mandir, it was so beautiful.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Mr Taylor who kindly came in last Friday to play the Indian drum for us. It was such a treat and the children thoroughly enjoyed dancing to it.

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