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Year 2 think about the position of objects

Year 2 think about the position of objects

This week Year 2 have been thinking about positions of objects and where they are in relation to others. They have been using a lot of different positional vocabulary to see if they could place a dinosaur somewhere in the room and describe its position. My dinosaur is under the table and beside a rubber - Zalie. My dinosaur is on top of a rubber, in front of a pot and by a board rubber - Jared. My dinosaur is under three pens, between the rubbers and in the pot - Theo. It was surprisingly hard to describe the positions carefully so someone else could follow the directions. The children also had to then include left and right when positioning the dinosaurs. Some of them then went onto colouring in squares following positional instructions about the colour to use.

Having looked at Great Missenden and considered how it has changed over the years, the children are now studying a contrasting island locality - the Isle of Coll. Photos have shown what a beautiful place it is. They are also continuing with mapping skills as they learn whereabouts the Isle of Coll is using atlases, how to get there and to identify some of its features using a key.

Thank you for all your support for the Christmas play costumes; we are busy practising our lines and songs!

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