Year 2 trip to Mop End | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 2 trip to Mop End

Year 2 trip to Mop End

Y2 Mop End 1This week

This week has been very exciting for the children. Not only have we been remembering Mrs Henson-Derby with our South Pacific Day, but on Thursday we were lucky enough to visit Mop End...with beautiful weather!! The children had an informative session about habitats in the morning in a yurt classroom. Our guide for the day was Sarah, who answered many questions from our eager Year 2s who already had a great foundation of knowledge on minibeasts. After this we went out to the pond, armed with nets, trays and inspection pots, to do some pond dipping. The children were terribly excited to discover water boatmen, water fleas and even some leeches!! After a filling lunch and a spot of play-time, the children were recharged and ready for a woodland minibeast hunt. The children moved logs and stones to reveal caterpillars, cardinal beetles, slugs and even a NEWT!!! The creatures were eagerly gathered into more inspection pots and inspected closely as we sat in our log circle. The children used identification keys in order to determine exactly what was in their bug pot.

Next week

Next week in science the children will be using the knowledge they gained at Mop End to create their own identification keys, in the form of tree diagrams.

At home

Following on from our trip, the children may like to investigate the different types of habitat that can be found in their gardens and their local area.

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