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Year 2 use rice and lentils to create Indian flags

Year 2 use rice and lentils to create Indian flags

Year 2 have been busy continuing their studies of India. They have found out about the significance of the Indian flag and what the colours symbolise. Using Indian staples such as rice and lentils, they made their own effective Indian flag. They also have been finding out about the Himalayas and what it is like to climb Mount Everest. They were completely awestruck by the film they saw showing these impressive mountains and the grandeur of this area. “The tall peaks stretch up into the sky”, “The snow melts and water rushes down the valleys”, “Small villages are built on the foothills”, “Waterfalls tumble down into gorges” were all noted as they used their newly-learnt geographical details. Some budding mountaineers in the offing maybe!

The Year 2 ‘healthy students’ have been industriously investigating what happens to their bodies when they exercise (very red faces!) and how important foods are to give them energy. Next week they will be thinking about hygiene and keeping clean.

In Maths this week, the children have been using their number bonds to help work out change from 20p and 50p. They have added two amounts together and then, using the appropriate coins, have worked out the change needed.

Next week, we are off to the Mandir in Neasden, which we are all really looking forward to. Please may we remind you to look in the reading record books to see what is needed for this trip.

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