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Year 2 use their imaginations in Forest School

Year 2 use their imaginations in Forest School

We have really been using our imaginations this week! In English the children have been thinking about description, including using noun phrases and similes. They read the poem ‘Windigo’ by Sylvia Mark which is crammed with similes. They chose similes which they thought were the most descriptive and ones they liked to create their own Windigo.

Reading Billy and the Minpins has really inspired us all as well! The children were asked to create their own Minpin, thinking carefully about his or her appearance and also to think about their character. We read together descriptions of other characters from Roald Dahl’s books, relishing in the revolting Mr Twit and the grumpy, grouchy Grandmother poor George had. Miss Honey, of course, is much kinder. The children wrote some lovely descriptions about their Minpins, including ‘Mrs Berry loved hats’, ‘Mr Hoot had kindness in his heart and laughed and chuckled at jokes.’ ‘When Mr Jay spoke, he was as loud as a bee.’ ‘Mr Bob never worked on a Tuesday and always wore a tie’.

In Forest School, the children delighted in making little homes for the Minpins, using a range of natural materials they found.

In Science, the children have been looking at the suitability of materials to make different objects. We laughed at the poem ‘Woolly Saucepan’ by Michael Rosen; how can you have a metal window pane and a glass raincoat? We are now considering how to find out which material to use for patching up a pair of trousers . . . .

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